Try the flexibility of a virtual reception service

Businesses of all sizes appreciate flexibility when it comes to their call handling. The largest of corporations have instances when their full-time reception needs additional help fielding calls, perhaps during a recruitment drive or an annual conference, while small companies with a low volume of calls still need to know every client calling in will be answered, even when every staff member is on the phone. Which is why companies large and small rely on the flexibility of the virtual reception and call handling service from Messagemail.

A company's telephone answering service speaks volumes about them. It's one of the first opportunities a company has to present a professional image to the outside world. A quality telephone answering service needs to be prompt, answering all calls within a few rings, even when the reception is busy; it needs to be professional, answering with the name of the company; and it needs to be friendly and helpful, with the receptionist asking how they may direct the call and quickly and effectively putting the caller through. Should the requested person at the company not be available, an accurate message taking service should be in place so that the caller receives a call-back.

All this may seem intuitive, but how many of us have been put on hold for too long, have been put through to the wrong person, have never had a call back or have even been hung up on? Unfortunately, this is a basic customer service that many companies still get wrong and mostly because of a high volume of calls swamping their reception or because of an unreliable part-time reception service.

Flexibility is the key to a reliable and professional reception service. Messagemail provide a highly professional, reliable and yet affordable call handling service which can be used as and when it is needed. If you know your company is entering into a busy time and you fear the current reception set-up cannot handle the extra workload, then Messagemail can help. If you're a small company experiencing sudden growth but it's too early for you to be hiring a full-time receptionist or renting an office, you still need to ensure your client calls are being attended to as if you were the large corporation you dream of being. Again, Messagemail can help with their flexible virtual reception service.