A New Year’s Resolution to improve business

Messagemail realise that sometimes business people and managers are overworked in the run up to Christmas. That's why the festive break is an excellent time to assess procedures and optimise performance. It is often the busiest times that reveal the need for new ideas and resources, and our virtual office services are designed to offer a complete solution.

One popular idea is to alleviate the short term busy spell with Messagemail's call handling service, which can efficiently field incoming calls and filter out unwanted seasonal telesales calls. This approach offers an instant and cheap solution to the problem of an overrun reception or switchboard in the run up to Christmas and provides cover for any staff holidays.

If a long term problem has arisen, and the extra business is likely to continue into the foreseeable future, many companies advertise for extra staff or a new receptionist. However, the cost and inconvenience of hiring personnel should not be underestimated. Paying wages, insurance premiums, changes in tax codes and accommodating time off for illness or holidays can be difficult. In particular small businesses may find that the additional strain on finances absorbs all profit from the rise in trade, and isn't a suitable solution. Virtual office services may be the answer.

For any business looking for the perfect way to field extra calls, the Messagemail call handling service is ideal. You only pay for useful contacts and messages received and gain a cheap and practical solution for fielding calls and taking messages, in your own company name. Our call centre is kept quiet, and telephonists answer each call in the relevant company name, with information provided to them about the business and how it operates. They can advise sales people that you are not interested, discuss callbacks with potential clients and take important messages and leads to pass on to you. As with all of the virtual office services from Messagemail, the team is ready to chat at any time. Simply call to check for messages whenever it is convenient for you, or arrange for details to be forwarded to you.

Messagemail can save any business a significant sum of money each year, and with other great services such as virtual office space and mailing addresses available, their clients view them as an essential part of ongoing business success.