The big no-nos of virtual office services

Sometimes it takes doing something right to realise just how many people are doing it wrong. That's the case with one of the UK's leading virtual office services providers Messagemail. They have been busily creating happy clients within the virtual office services sector, one which is growing year-on-year, which has given them insight into where other companies are going wrong. Here are the big 'no-nos' of virtual office services.

Telephone answering service

You wouldn't have thought there were too many things that could go wrong with a telephone answering service, but unfortunately there is! A couple of big no-nos are first, not answering the phone quickly enough (we all know how annoying that is on the other end of the phone), and second not answering the phone in a professional manner. Messagemail always answer calls within 3 rings, promptly and professionally, using the company name. You'd be surprised how often this is not the case with other firms!

Message taking service

A dead give-away that you're using a third party message taking service is when the receptionist doesn't know any more about your business than its name. Quality virtual office services firms don't just answer phones, they take messages accurately and for the right members of staff. If someone wants to leave a message for the Marketing Manager but doesn't know their name, the receptionist should be able to help. A virtual message taking service should seem as though it's being handled in-house and should be entirely reliable.

Meeting room service

If you don't have a meeting room that is adequate on your premises, then you hire one: simple! Not so fast, not all meeting room service providers are created equal, so check out the standard of the meeting rooms. First, where are they located? Messagemail offer a meeting room in London which couldn't be more convenient. Also, how well equipped and impressive is the room itself? Expect a meeting room which is clean, airy, light and fully equipped with all the communication and other equipment that you need.

Mailing addresses

Mailing addresses are handy things to outsource to a virtual provider if your actual mailing address looks less than professional or if you need extra services such as signing for mail and mail forwarding. It stands to reason, then, that virtual companies would always provide quality mailing addresses, but sadly that's not always the case. Messagemail use a respectable mailing address in London only, and can provide all the add-on services required.

Virtual office space

A virtual office space service should encompass all of the above. But beware of companies which profess to offer all of this but which in reality are merely a poor quality receptionist. If you need virtual office space then ensure you not only get the meeting room space you require, but also the option to extend the virtual services to call, message and mail handling too.

As you see, it's quite easy to be short-changed in the virtual office arena if you don't do your research. This is a growing sector so it pays to trust a firm who has been creating happy clients for many years ‼ a firm such as Messagemail at