Virtual Office Services are the key to growth in Asia

Many companies looking to expand into Asia are relying on virtual office services as a flexible, low cost, minimal-risk route to growth in this market, reports Messagemail (

Asia is one of the hotly-tipped economic markets which businesses from all over the world are eyeing for commercial expansion. But entering into new international markets often brings significant cost and considerable risk. Companies are cutting down that cost and minimising risk by leveraging virtual office services in China, according to a recent report on the BBC news website.

As the BBC Asia Business report explains: “A basic set-up for a virtual office gives a company a business address and a phone line with a remote receptionist, without the need to rent a space.” The affordability and flexibility of such an option is being seen as the solution when it comes to testing the waters of a new growth market such as Asia. Virtual office space and related services are similarly being utilised by emerging small businesses and SMEs in China looking to expand their own operations and become internationally competitive.

The virtual office concept is not only changing the face of commercial growth on a global scale, but is also an increasingly common working practice here on home soil. Messagemail can report a steady and continual rise in enquiries into a virtual office in London along with outsourced switchboard support and virtual PA services. As seen on the world stage, harnessing the virtual concept is helping smaller British businesses to expand, or even just project a more professional image, without incurring the costs and risks that so often spell the undoing of growing companies.

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