Business Continuity Services to keep calls coming

If your telephone system was suddenly to fail, how would your business cope? There can be all sorts of reasons for a business to lose telephone service, the most common of which is a power failure in the building or the local area. Calling out an electrician can mean a wait of several days before the problem is solved. Messagemail offers a telephone continuity service that can provide a call handling service in an emergency for any business.

Of course there are some aspects of business that can be carried on in the event of a line failure, whether it means conducting business over email, Skype or mobile phones, but problems can arise with the phone answering service for inbound customer calls. If the telephone number that is advertised no longer works, new customers are likely to go elsewhere, and existing customers are likely to think that there is some sort of problem, causing them to worry and potentially alter their buying habits.

Included in the Messagemail Business Continuity services are a dedicated line, call handling service and remote desk, all available for use in the event of an emergency. There are many different situations which could result in emergency phone cover being required, such as an electrical fault in the building; local power cables being cut or damaged; a flood or fire resulting in all or part of the building being inaccessible; or sickness, extreme weather or public transport strikes preventing staff access.

Messagemail's call handling service is professional and efficient, and can be arranged to kick in immediately as a problem is detected on any business' usual telephone line. All calls will be answered with the company name with your usual greeting, to reassure clients that everything is running as normal, and that orders or messages are still being taken. A line can be reserved at Messagemail's headquarters for as little as £15.00 per month, which would be available in the event of an emergency. Various options are available and each call can be directed either to another line or voicemail or answered by Messagemail's team of dedicated call handlers. All messages can be collected regularly and business can go ahead until the normal telephone service is resumed.

Remember that any system is not infallible, and even large companies such as telephone and electricity service providers can experience problems from time to time, especially in foul weather and at busy times of the year. Many buildings such as hospitals and museums have their own generators for just such an occurrence, and companies are advised to regularly back up their data to protect themselves from computer failure. The telephone system should be no different, and having an efficient backup plan in place is good business practice.

Of course some clients prefer to use Messagemail on a permanent basis, but for those that only need emergency cover, the telephone answering service that is provided is ideal.