Sign Up Online

Messagemail ( offers the most convenient possible registration option to clients, which is a complete online sign up process. Simply fill out the appropriate online form, such as the detailed Service information and order form to begin using the helpful call handling service.

The call handling service offers clients the opportunity to register the details of their business with confident and professional call answerers, who will answer all calls to their existing number with the client’s own greeting, which can be tailored to the business and altered at any time.

Of course clients also have the option of telephone contact, and it is easy to contact Messagemail’s team at any time for information or to start using any part of the service. Convenient virtual office services are also available by visiting the Order Forms page.

When any business is looking for a meeting room London is always the most expensive location to search in. It is for this reason that their clients and end users are usually impressed and reassured when they notice that a company they are buying from or dealing with have a prestigious London address, and are likely to have added confidence in the products or services offered.  This can be a great boon to any small business or self employed contractor, as it gives the impression that the business is much more established than it actually is, and that the London address may be a head office for managing other branches. Using an expensive sounding address also helps fledgling businesses to create a professional image, which can be hampered if clients notice that they are run from a home office.

For those who run their office from their home, the virtual office services include a convenient meeting room for any liaison they may have with a client or associate. The office building, client areas and meeting rooms at Messagemail (78 York Street, W1) are designed to create a corporate atmosphere without any sign of visible branding. Anyone attending a meeting is unlikely to realise that the high quality professional space does not belong to the company they are dealing with.

Messagemail ( aim to provide a fast and responsive service to all clients, and the experienced team are dedicated to providing an easy to use system backed up by telephone contact where necessary. For clients using the call handling service or mailing address who are located a long way from London, it isn’t necessary to come into the headquarters at any time.