Survive the economic downturn with messagemail

Unfortunately, the economic downturn has meant that many companies have had to cut staff numbers in order to make essential cost savings. This means that many companies are now under staffed, which can cause a lot of problems. The last thing you want in these circumstances is to end up with stressed out staff that are pulling their hair out due to the volume of calls coming through, which is where Messagemail ( can help – by solving your staffing issues.

Messagemail offers a completely dedicated call handling service, with a team of receptionists who will answer your calls as if it is from your own company, so no-one will be any the wiser. Many companies are inundated on a daily basis by marketing calls, which can be a bit of a nuisance and can potentially waste a lot of time - time could be spent productively. The Messagemail service can really help to take the pressure off.

The dedicated Messagemail team have the knowledge and experience to decipher which calls will not be of interest to you, and also provide a message taking service, where they will pass on any important messages, ensuring you will never miss any important calls. You can then arrange a time for your messages to be passed back to you, so you can choose to call back whenever it suits you best.

This call handling service is much more cost effective than hiring your own team of receptionists, and it also frees up time for your other employees to get on with their own jobs. The result is a happier and less stressed out workforce.

Messagemail also offers a complete switchboard support service, which is designed to handle some of the calls from your dedicated switchboard. This service allows your switchboard operator to take the necessary breaks they need, without feeling guilty about leaving the switchboard unmanned. It also helps to create a professional image, so that even when your switchboard is engaged, the calls will still be answered.

If you find that meeting rooms are a bit tight, or you just don’t have the budget to stretch to large premises, there is also the complete virtual office space service. You will be provided with meeting rooms, so you can entertain your clients, and there will be no mention of Messagemail anywhere, making the service completely discreet. It is also ideal if you need premises for any training or team building exercises. The office space is spacious, clean and highly professional, and there are also areas where you can take breaks between meetings to relax.

You can use these services on an ad hoc or permanent basis, whatever suits your business needs best. Take a look at the full price list at and discover how much money and time you can save with these fantastic services. If you are still unsure, why not take advantage of the free trial Messagemail offers, without any upfront costs.