You’ve chosen virtual office services, now why choose messagemail?

Your company has decided it would benefit from virtual office services ‼ perhaps because you are downsizing but don't want to sacrifice on service, or because you only need telephone answering and meeting room services on an ad hoc basis. Now you have to choose your provider, but in an ever-growing sector thanks to the increasing need for such services, how do you go about choosing the right one for you? Here's why choosing Messagemail will put you ahead of your competitors.

Comprehensive services

One of the initial misgivings some companies have about using virtual office services is the thought that they would have to deal with and manage a company for their phone answering service, then another for their virtual office space and yet another for their mailing addresses. Not so with Messagemail, who offer all these virtual services under one roof. Not only that, but you'll be assigned one account manager who will be managing all your services so you don't have to.

An extension of your company

Most of us have had the experience of calling a company only to get the distinct impression you were talking to a third party receptionist and not anyone actually at the company. Messagemail understands that this simply does not portray a professional image and is ‼ rightly so ‼ a deal-breaker for many potential clients. Messagemail prides itself on a telephone answering service which is highly professional but also tailored to each specific company. It's not enough to simply answer in the company name, you should expect your virtual receptionist to know key members of staff and even have access to their diaries. This is the level of service you get from Messagemail, one which makes them a seamless extension of your company.

Trust, flexibility and honesty

These may be traits you look for in employees, but may think you'd be hard-pressed to find in a virtual offices services firm. Well that is one of the main points of difference between Messagemail and its competitors: they put particular focus on building close client relationships, creating trust, flexibility and honesty, which is the reason why 40% of their clients have been with them for over 2 years.

Messagemail is streets ahead of its competitors because of these points of difference, and its those same differentiators which will help put your company ahead of its competitors. Find out more at