messagemail: setting the standard in virtual office services

Given the current economic climate, virtual office services are more in demand than ever before. It stands to reason, because having a virtual office space or a virtual receptionist is a far more economical solution than renting an expensive office in a prestigious location or hiring a full time member of staff. More and more companies have sprung up in recent years which offer these sort of virtual services. Here are some reasons why Messagemail is setting the standard in its field.

First of all, its not a newcomer wanting to make a quick buck in an ever-increasing market place. Messagemail have been offering virtual office services for many years, back when it was a new industry just catching on. Over the years, the company has amassed a significant client base of new and regularly returning clients, impressed by the professionalism of a company who has made a name for itself in the industry since that very industry began.

While the industry is growing fast, spurred on by demand, there are not a huge number of virtual office and reception services firms operating out of central London. This is key, because Messagemail can offer its clients unrivalled office locations such as 78 York Street in Marylebone. Most customers want a virtual office in London as having an office address in central London lends gravitas and solidity to a company image.

Finally, there's the level and value of service Messagemail offers. For instance, they don't add on any premium charges when transferring calls, all call charges are levied at the standard BT rate. Neither do they charge for screening unsolicited sales calls, and they don't hold their customers to restrictive or minimum contractual terms. Every client is allocated a personal Account Manager, so they have easy access to a high level of customer service. And, unlike some other companies offering these services, Messagemail has one core business focus only: virtual reception, switchboard and office space services. Which means they focus only on their customers and ensuring that the company continues to set the standard in the industry.