Business Continuity Services

Since 2002, Messagemail has been providing Business Continuity services to every size of company - UK wide.  From early beginnings with a focus on Telephony Continuity, this has now grown to the provision of a full range of continuity services to include Recovery Site solutions and management.


You may have developed your own in house BC Plan and if not, there are specialist companies who can assist with this.  Messagemail are experts in the provision of emergency outsourced Telephony and if required, a Recovery Site for your team;  we can work with you or your DR specialist to fine tune and test your Plan.  Our specialist partners offer parallel services in relation to IT contingencies and data backup.


Listed below are the three primary categories of event which give rise to an increasing level of Disaster Recovery requirement.  Naturally the level you will need to plan for also depends on your own SLA commitment to your clients.


Normal Failure                                                                             

Telephone line failure.

Exchange equipment fault.                                        

Damage to telephone lines                                        

Customer equipment failure.                                                           

Power failure                                                                                       

Natural Disaster


Storm damage

Business exclusion

Police “scene of crime”                                                      



For ‘Normal Failure’ and for those firms seeking a telephone continuity solution only, Messagemail offers a London based call centre to receive diverted calls from your switch.  This divert can be effected manually via your switch or via the exchange, however this will depend on arrangements made prior with your line provider.   Our operators will handle calls seamlessly and project themselves as your own in house staff.  Callers may be patched out to your team on mobiles or messages taken and delivered by either text or email.  You would brief us on your call handling script initially and keep your Account Manager updated of staff changes so that in the event of the call centre being utilised, we have a current script to work from.  **Why not consider us as part of your BPO Strategy too?


In the event of disaster/exclusion, a recovery or ‘hot backup’ site will replicate your data centre; it will provide your operational base for the length of the disaster.   It will be available for use immediately as required, being a mirror of the primary site. 

Another option is to consider sharing a data centre with another organisation which will prove less expensive, but has long term logistical considerations and not recommended for businesses eg financial which are mission critical.

In the end, the selection of a backup site is a compromise between cost and security and your organisation's need for guaranteed business continuation. 


Whilst the majority of our clients are London based with Recovery Site location requirements both within and outside the M25, we also offer Site location options in Manchester and Birmingham.


To arrange a meeting or for a preliminary discussion by phone, please contact us on 020 7692 6789.