The Mailers

Tara Vorster
Account Manager
Charlene Quiambo
H.R. & Operations Manager
Zylanny Ashurst
Operations & Technical Support
Fredah Quintos
Customer Service Representative
Victoria Shepherd
Accounts & Credit Control, with a hint of Marketing
Simon Curran
Director & Chief
Tara Vorster
The thing we love most about Tara is her reliability, her accuracy and determination to get the job done. This is why she looks after our clients, because we know that they would hire her themselves if they had the chance! Tara's 7 years service with Messagemail shows just how dedicated and loyal she is. She is your first point of contact here and is always available to update your screen, deal with your queries, or for a chat & a cup of tea! Contact her on
Charlene Quiambo
Known to our clients as 'Char', she brings the warmth and support that we all need. She's the calm & voice of reason; so when times get hectic, we all look to Char to keep us smiling and sort out any niggles that might occur. This includes organising our monthly massages & team building get-togethers that we fondly call our 'garlic nights'. 7 years in- and she still brings a positive & upbeat energy to work that rubs off on all of us. Thank goodness for Char!
Zylanny Ashurst
The one we fondly call 'Zee' is the arty-est techno bod you'll meet! She does all our call & accounts reporting, supporting Char in her role of Operations and answers your calls too! As if that wasn't enough, she is our resident photographer - with a camera never too far from her reach. Zee's 8 years of service just goes to show that a happy workplace makes for a happy team of dedicated people. Zee can be contacted on
Fredah Quintos
You'll soon recognise Fredah's warm & friendly tones when you become a client of Messagemail. She'll answer your calls in a very professional way, building rapport with your regular callers & delivering your messages accurately and promptly! After 4 years at Messagemail, Freedah has helped to raise the bar with the quality of telephone answering, one that is hard to beat!
Victoria Shepherd
Our Messagemail veteran of 12 years, Victoria has seen Messagemail grow from a little seedling into the flourishing company it is today. Instrumental in developing the expansion of our Mailing address in W1, and without wanting to sound too melodramatic, Victoria loves Messagemail as if it were her first born. Dabbling in many areas of the departments over the years, her overall mark has been metophorically left all over the place. Victoria can be contacted on
Simon Curran
Simon's dream of becoming a racing car driver were dashed when he set up Messagemail with his brother over 15 years ago. Little did he know that his 'idea' to answer the phone for a few clients in his fathers' serviced office would turn into a successful business in its own right. Simon is very proud of the business Messagemail has become; with the heart of it being the staff he has recruited to look after his much valued clients, and friends. Simon hopes that Messagemail continues to grow steadily, but more importantly that the service levels always remain outstanding. Nothing makes Simon happier than to see a start-up company we've taken on; grow into successful, profitable business - knowing that we've had a hand in helping them along the way. Simon is always available on or +44 20 7692 6789.

About Us

Why messagemail? - Just Some Of The Reasons You Should Choose Us!

  • Trusted for over 15 years by growing companies – most staying 3+ years.
  • Flexible virtual office services tailored to your requirements. No fixed contract periods. No minimums.
  • Calls answered within 3 rings by our own-house call centre staff with our telephone answering service! Guaranteed!
  • Friendly, intelligent staff who go beyond the call of duty to assist your callers. An intelligent and proactive message taking service.
  • Dedicated account manager plus 4 PA’s trained about your business with names you can put faces to. Staff average with us is 5.5 years - in call centres it is usually 2.5 months!
  • Superb value for money: no per-minute billing for your incoming calls. No charge for fending off sales calls. No charge for providing agreed information to your callers, such as prices.
  • Simple, fair pricing that always delivers value for money.

Client Testimonials

“We have been using Messagemail's services for almost a decade now and have confidently recommended your company to others. We see you as an integral part of our team and enjoy the fact that we have grown together over the years and still share the same positive values to service, staff and customers alike.”
Anthony Ryb - Director
“Messagemail has been a long standing partner of our business for many years. The service and general support that we receive from the company is second to none, in fact we stopped awarding our ‘best supplier’ award to them each year as it became a foregone conclusion. The staff are both helpful and engaging but extremely slick and professional at handling calls; they also deal with a number of other administrative tasks which help our ‘virtual’ company function more easily and more tangibly, providing a reassuring presence to clients. We could not recommend the service more highly.”
Julian Dawson
“Using message mail has helped our business as they act as a very capable and professional first line for our company and are always helpful, courteous, and reliable. We would recommend them to anyone.”
Joseph W. Robinson
Robinsons Consulting Limited
“...running a business means you often have to be in more places than one - in meetings, at promotional shows or visiting clients and knowing that “messagemail” is “minding the shop” gives great peace of mind. The operators are unfailingly courteous and helpful, in short, everything you hope your own staff would be.”
Monika Day
“We have used Messagemail for many years now and have been impressed by their professionalism and their keenness to constantly improve. Moreover whenever DMW has needed to tweak the way we work together, Tara and the Messagemail team have been happy to oblige and have implemented the changes promptly and effectively. We have no hesitation in recommending Messagemail we think they do an excellent job.”
Joy Matthews
DMW Group