Business continuity from messagemail provides peace of mind

Communication by telephone is at the heart of most companies, so telephony failure can be more than an inconvenience, it can be damaging to business. One of the UK's leading providers of virtual office services, Messagemail, offers a range of business continuity and telephony backup which provides peace of mind.

Professional and reliable telephony is a core part of customer service no matter what the industry. Being able to contact a company at all times and be answered efficiently and effectively is a must. In addition to Messagemail's standard ongoing call handling service, the virtual office specialists also offer Business Continuity telephony backup in the case of sudden telephony failure, whether from a power cut, a technical malfunction or staff absence.

From as little as £15 per month, Messagemail offers a dedicated divert line telephone answering service, diverted from a company's switchboard to the Messagemail HQ, with all telephone calls being answered promptly and professionally using the company name. The line remains dormant until such a time when telephony failure strikes and calls can swiftly be diverted to Messagemail ‼ with clients being none-the-wiser. Callers can be transferred on speed dial to any number of internal direct lines or mobile phones. If no one is available to take the call, Messagemail provide a continuity message taking service - the caller is directed to a personal voicemail or a message is taken and sent by either email or SMS.

There is also the option of relying on this telephony continuity service outside of an emergency situation. For £45 per month the service will be live at all times, allowing a company to choose from a number of divert option such as overflow (when the company's receptionist is engaged); when a call is not answered within a certain number of rings; or outside of working hours, at lunchtime or in the case of staff absence.

Business continuity from Messagemail provides businesses of all sizes and across all sectors with peace of mind. Peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that calls will be handled and customer service standards met at all times.