Consider these reasons to hire a Virtual PA

If your company is still wondering whether to hire a virtual assistant or PA from a virtual office services firm such as Messagemail (, consider these reasons and it may just make up your mind.

Skill set Virtual assistants work for a wide array of companies spanning a number of industries. They are called upon to get to know a variety of businesses well in very little time. This gives them a far broader skill set than most standard employees who typically only have experience in one or perhaps two industries. Not only will your virtual PA get to understand your business quickly, but you could even benefit from their knowledge of other sectors.

Time management Effective time management maximises productivity and a virtual assistant is well versed in time management, often having to juggle a number of tasks at any one time. You are free to hand over all those time consuming tasks that stop you from tackling the jobs you really want to get done, and supervision of virtual assistants is minimal.

Recession resistant Some say the worst of the global economic crisis is behind us, while some claim the effects of Britain’s double dip recession will be felt for years to come. How are companies supposed to grow in a time of such uncertainty when they fear anyone they hire may have to be made redundant if times get tough? Hiring a virtual PA provides the extra assistance you need to grow, safe in the knowledge that their services can be simply ‘turned off’ if you need to downsize once again.

Quality and commitment Companies offering virtual office services know that they are hired to deliver a quality service and they are in a highly competitive industry. That means you get a commitment to quality which can be hard to find in some salaried employees.

Combine these reasons with the obvious cost-saving benefits (no need to pay employee benefits or purchase office supplies, etc.) and it begs the question, why would you not hire a virtual PA? Find out the highly competitive rates offered by Messagemail at