Consider the many advantages of a virtual PA

 Companies around Britain are changing the way they work, embracing flexible working and enjoying the benefits of virtual office services. This isn’t surprising when you consider the many advantages of hiring a virtual PA, as Messagemail ( explains.

Expand and downsize with ease One of the high-risk stages any company can go through is growth. Expanding to take on more people can leave a business vulnerable if sales don’t match the forecasted growth. Downsizing also has costs attached, not to mention often involving the difficult task of laying people off. Hiring a virtual assistant allows a company to expand and downsize with ease, taking up the extra work required during a growth stage with the ability to simply suspend the service should business slow once again.

Task-related pay Even the most conscientious in-house employee will spend some of their contracted hours on non work-related tasks, whether that’s checking personal email or chatting to colleagues. A virtual PA is only paid for the time spent on a task, giving you much better value for money.

No employee benefits to pay Every employer knows to factor in the cost of paying employee benefits when it comes to staffing, from holiday and sick pay to medical benefits and various employer insurances. Imagine having to pay none of these and still getting the work done, all well within the law. That’s just another advantage of a virtual assistant.

Save on space and supplies Not only do you not need to make space in the office for an in-house employee, but there’s no need to purchase extra computer and furniture supplies – more money saved.

Ideal for micro businesses and start-ups Companies that employ anything less than ten employees, right down to ‘one-man-band’ businesses, don’t necessarily want to be perceived to be as small as they are by their potential and current customers. Using the services of a virtual receptionist or PA can give the impression of being a larger or more established business.

Knowledge of your business If you use the virtual PA services of Messagemail, you will have the use of an assistant that has knowledge of your business: what you do; the names of key employees and job titles; important clients, etc. Messagemail ensures that all virtual assistants gain this knowledge from the moment they start working for you, and retain that information (confidentially by database) for when you come to use the service again.

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