A missed business call is a missed opportunity!


Missing a personal telephone call can be frustrating, but missing a business call can often amount to a missed opportunity. Never miss a call or an opportunity again, with the impressive yet affordable phone answering service from Messagemail (

Most companies are actively advertising their services or at least marketing their website, so every business call could be a potential client, or at the very least an enquiring question into your brand, product or service offering. Why pay money for a sales department and on marketing and advertising if you’re not going to maximise every telephone enquiry? A surprising amount of companies allow telephone calls to go through to voicemail at some point in an average business day, whether due to a lack of cover, inattentive reception staff. There’s simply no need with the flexible and low-cost call handling service from leading virtual office services provider Messagemail.

Then there are the smaller companies and start-up businesses who simply cannot yet afford a full- or even part-time receptionist and so have to juggle telephone calls the best they can. There is arguably no more important time than the first years of a business to be maximising each and every enquiry, and smaller businesses will only grow to SMEs and beyond by building on their client base. Given the affordability of Messagemail’s phone answering service, as well as the fact that the service can be turned on and off at will, with no lengthy contracts, there is no reason why the smallest or youngest of businesses need ever miss a call again.

Of course telephone calls are not just from potential clients, but also from existing ones. Businesses ignore their current customer base at their peril, and in this instant messaging age, people expect to be dealt with immediately, with little time or patience to leave voicemails. Using a call handling service to ensure all calls are answered by a real person, one who is polite, professional and – as far as the caller is concerned – an in-house member of staff, makes the caller feel they are being given the attention they deserve. It’s customer service at its most basic and yet at a vitally important level.

Whether your company struggles to cover the reception at lunchtime and at peak holiday times, or you want a virtual receptionist until you expand and employ in-house staff, turn to Messagemail for a low-cost, high-quality call answering service in the UK. For more details go to

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