What should you look for in a virtual office services provider?

Flexible and virtual working is on the rise, but if you are new to this phenomenon then your first foray into the virtual world of working is probably going to be using an outsourced third party such as Messagemail ( With growing demand comes increased competition, so what should you look for in a virtual office services provider as you come to choose from the many companies out there?

An established reputation It’s true that virtual office services are comparatively new, but that doesn’t mean you should choose a provider who is new on the block. Just as with any service area, choose an established company with a solid reputation and you’re more likely to get a professional job you can rely on. Messagemail have been trusted for more than 15 years, with most of their customers choosing to stay with them for at least 3 years.

A professional image It’s important to understand that when you choose a virtual office or virtual receptionist provider, you are asking a third party company to project your company image for you. Therefore it’s imperative that you choose a provide that can do this as professionally as you would yourself. Messagemail prides itself in this area, answering all calls in the customer’s company name and always putting professionalism first.

A prestigious mailing address If you’re looking for a mailing address you can use then the chances are your own address is less than ideal. Don’t presume that just because you’re paying for the privilege of using a third party mailing address service that it’s going to be a prestigious address. Unfortunately not all mailing addresses are created equal! If you’re looking for an impressive mailing address in London, then look no further than 78 York Street in Marylebone – the address used by Messagemail customers.

Quality meeting room facilities 78 York Street is also the location for Messagemail’s top quality meeting room facilities. Be warned, a meeting room in London may be your top priority but don’t forget to ask more than it’s location; check the facilities offered, the square metres offered, the on-site amenities and if there will be anyone there to assist you.

A flexible attitude Finally, it’s only natural that when looking for a flexible way of working, you want just that – flexibility. Check that you won’t be tied into unnecessarily long contracts so that you can use the virtual office services when you need them most. Messagemail understands the need for flexibility which is why they offer a service which is tailored to each client with no fixed contract periods or minimum service levels.

Follow these guidelines and you will get the most out of this innovative and game-changing way of working. Want to find out more about the services offered by Messagemail? Then take a look at the website at