Base yourself anywhere, with the help of virtual office services

If there is anything that the experts in virtual office space Messagemail ( can appreciate and provide advice on, it is the emergence of home and remote working at the forefront of companies both large and small. Never before has remote working been more prominent in the operation of most companies, than it is now. But why?

Well, with the economic situation continuing to look uncertain both here in the UK and abroad, and the traditional Monday to Friday 9 to 5 simply dissolving, more and more of your employees may frequently find themselves labouring away at their laptops in front of the fire back home. Alternatively, they may be constantly on the road, checking their work email inboxes from their smartphones. The reality is that employers and employees just don't have the rigid attitudes to different means of working that they used to, aided by key advances in technology.

Virtual office space has a key role to play in this cultural change, however, providing something of a geographical anchor for your company that brings real practical and presentational benefits. Although you may take pride in your employees being especially mobile, for example, many prospective clients may not be as reassured if they call you only to hear all manner of disorienting background noise, perhaps from a restaurant, night club or out on the road. It just doesn't convey the professionalism that they might expect, and that's if you even notice the call at all.

By taking advantage of a virtual office London of the kind offered by Messagemail, therefore, you can have a registered address in a prestigious location in the capital, creating an image of your firm as rather more established than might be the case. Nor will you have to fret about having to hop off your bike to field mobile calls from clients, as they also offer a complete telephone answering service, diverting calls from your existing office number to virtual receptionists that answer promptly, professionally and in your company name.   

For those business owners that want something more than a registered address in London, Messagemail’s virtual office services can provide you with many of the advantages of a satellite office, such as meeting rooms and conference spaces, at a much more reasonable cost. You can meet with prospective clients in such Messagemail spaces, which bear no sign of branding and that therefore in no way indicate that they do not belong to your company.

Such facilities give you the luxury of continuing to work in the home, garage or other unglamorous - albeit practical and economical - environment that suits your needs, while still projecting that much-desired prestigious image. Plus, who knows, it could be just the first step en route to a more substantial London presence.

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