Self-employed or running a small business?

Anyone who is self-employed or running a small business knows how hard it can be to avoid overheads as trade increases, whether it is the cost of hiring staff, finding premises or kitting out an office. Of course some expenditure is essential, and resources like delivery vehicles, stock housing, any industrial equipment or training must be paid for. Messagemail ( aims to negate the need for many other costs, and can help small businesses to grow and thrive through virtual office services.

For many self-employed people, working from home is the natural starting point and easiest method of working. However, there may come a time when they need a corporate-sounding address or somewhere with an executive feel where they can meet clients or hold a conference.
Another common issue with being self-employed or having minimal staff is being able to answer calls all the time, and not feeling that a day off is possible due to not having any assistance.

For self-employed business people, the ideal solution is Messagemail’s call handling service, which is available at a low cost, and enables the client to leave their office for meetings and holidays, without worrying about missing a call. All calls are answered with the client’s own greeting, and sales calls can be filtered out. Sometimes this service alone can solve staffing issues, and no assistant or receptionist is required.

For a prestigious address, the virtual office services on offer at 78 York Street, London W1 are hard to beat. Often small businesses trade from a residential address or a tiny industrial unit, and seeing the address can put off some clients, especially in some sectors such as financial services or when dealing with large corporations. It can give the impression that the business is not entirely professional or capable of fulfilling large orders. Messagemail offers this address for use, not only as a mailing address in London for all correspondence, but as the address for meetings and functions.  

Messagemail ( has a wide and varied client base, and aims to offer individually tailored solutions to suit each business. Any client can benefit from use of services such as the call handling service or occasional meeting room use whenever they wish and at a rate arranged to meet their specific needs.