Rules for the happy and productive home worker

Working from home is more commonplace than ever before. The internet, new attitudes to flexible working and an increasing number of start-up businesses in the UK has created thousands of home workers. Here are some ground rules from leading virtual office services provider Messagemail ( which will ensure working from home is enjoyable and productive.

Stick to a routine

At first, not having to work to someone else’s schedule may seem like such a luxury that you fail to create any schedule at all. Fail to stick to a specified work routine, however, and you could find the day has gone before any real work has been done. Create a start time, lunch hour and finish time and stick to it as much as possible.

Stay focused

It’s all too easy to see your home as just that - a home, and not a virtual office - and your home will naturally have a lot of distractions. Make sure you don’t spend time cleaning the house, watering the garden, prepping for tonight’s dinner, etc. etc., while you should be working. And ban the TV during work hours!

Create a work area

Having a separate work area in your home will help you stay focused on work during work hours. It will also make it easier to switch off at the end of the day when you want your environment to become your home again.

Leave the house!

Home workers can become isolated and, if they’re not careful, not leave the house for days! Try working from a laptop in your local café once in a while to get you out of the house. And if you need to have a meeting, suggest meeting in a virtual office space rather than at your home office. You’ll be surprised how much more productive you are when you work from another location occasionally.

Use virtual office services

And finally, remember to use virtual office services. They don’t just get you out of the house; using a meeting room or telephone answering service are also affordable ways to allow your business to grow.

Whilst working from home may seem like the ultimate dream, the reality can have its challenges. Keep these rules in mind and use the virtual office services from Messagemail ( when required, and working from home can be the best move you ever make.