Will your company be affected by the London 2012 Olympics? messagemail can help!

People from all over the world will watch the London 2012 Olympics and millions of Londoners will be affected by the Games, even if that just means having a disrupted commute! Many companies in and around London will be also be affected by the London Olympics this summer, in a variety of ways, and virtual office services Messagemail ( can help.

There are lots of ways companies in and around London and indeed across the UK will be affected by this summer’s London 2012 Olympics. Retailers in central London will have greater footfall of customers, while retailers of any Olympic-related products anywhere in the UK will experience sales volume and therefore increased sales calls. Booking agents and ticket sellers for the Olympics or any related events will have to deal with a huge volume of calls and any London tourism company is likely to experience an uplift in business. Meanwhile, any companies who are looking to attend the Olympic Games themselves, either for corporate hospitality purposes, for a team building activity or simply to treat employees to a very special day out, will need to arrange for additional cover.

No matter how your company will be affected by the Games, Messagemail will be able to help with their flexible and affordable virtual office and reception services. If you think the London 2012 Olympics will create an extra volume of phone calls in your office, perhaps because you will be providing a related service or selling a related product, then you can take advantage of the Messagemail call handling service to make sure you don’t miss a call or have to hire extra staff. If you would like to take your team to some of the London Olympics events but don’t think it’s fair to leave the receptionist covering the office, Messagemail’s telephone answering service is the solution. Perhaps you’d like to make the most out of these historic Games and use the event as a corporate hospitality exercise, then you can use the Messagemail meeting room in London as a central meeting point for you and your clients and maximise the business opportunity.

There is no need to sign long contracts for any of the Messagemail virtual office services which makes them perfect for ad-hoc events such as the London 2012 Olympics. Why not speak to a helpful member of the Messagemail ( team to find out more about making the most out of this exciting time for London.