Working from home just got professional thanks to messagemail

More people work from home than ever before. Employers are more open to the idea of flexible home working, parents find it easier to juggle work and home with a home office, and the economic downturn has created more self-employed home-workers. Until recently, working from home had some real drawbacks, however, such as not having a place to meet clients and no reception or message taking service. Not any more, however. Working from home just got professional thanks to Messagemail (

Working from home is no longer a luxury for a few, it’s now an increasingly common working situation for people all over the UK. Whether it’s because it is easier to work from home given family commitments, a cost-saving option for new companies just starting out or a necessity for one-man-band, self-employed individuals who can’t afford an office, home working is on the increase. The drawback used to be the lack of a professional image. After all, it’s not ideal if a client calls in and hears a cat meowing or a child crying! Then there’s the lack of somewhere to meet clients or potential customers. And an obviously residential address and telephone number makes hiding the fact you work from home impossible.

All these drawbacks are solved thanks to the virtual office services from Messagemail. People working from home can affordably avail themselves of a top mailing address in London to make it appear that they are based in the centre of the capital. When they need to meet clients they can use a quality, professional meeting room in London, unbranded so clients need not know it was hired for the day, if that is required. And they can also use Messagemail’s telephone answering and call handling service, either on a long-term basis or ad-hoc when needed.

All of Messagemail’s virtual office services are priced with the home worker in mind, making a professional image now accessible to everybody.