Have you considered these benefits of virtual office services?

Virtual office services are in demand like never before. A more virtual world that is embracing new, flexible ways of working and an economic climate which is causing many companies to tighten their belts has combined to attract customers to the services of providers like Messagemail. You may know that these virtual services are cheap and flexible, but have you considered these lesser-known benefits?

No upkeep of a meeting room

Most companies would love the convenience and prestige of a meeting room in London, which is why Messagemail's virtual meeting room service is so popular. This is an affordable option but also one which saves the hassle of having to manage the upkeep of a meeting room. No need to equip your own meeting room with all the communication infrastructure and presentation equipment required, and no need to keep it clean and professional looking. Simply use Messagemail's meeting room service and leave it all to them.

No junk mail

Similarly, having a mailing address in London is great to add an air of respectability to companies not based in London, but Messagemail's customers also love the fact that they have control over their mail. They can ask for certain mail to be forwarded, some to be held and junk mail to be binned.

No unsolicited sales calls

Imagine not having to deal with those annoying unsolicited sales calls which every business has to suffer. Not any more, because Messagemail's call handling service can screen those sales calls, passing on only the important ones for your business and saving you lots of wasted time.

Prioritise your calls

Even the calls that are for your business sometimes need to be prioritised. Messagemail customers love the fact they can manage their telephone answering service, advising their account manager of the calls that are most important or less important that day.

Permanent divert

How ideal would it be to permanently divert some calls on occasion? Perhaps when the company is on an away day, or in training. Messagemail's message taking service allows you to do just that, safe in the knowledge that no call is missed and customer service is not compromised.