Making Depositit your safety net

Messagemail has been helping businesses of all kinds since 1992, offering an alternative to renting expensive office space in London and hiring staff. We offer virtual office space and a virtual presence in London at exceptional rates. has now teamed up with Depositit, a data storage service that can eliminate the risk of lost files or information.

Depositit acts in perfect combination with virtual office services to provide businesses with a whole package. If you or your business store records or databases that take up valuable computer memory or disk space you can use Depositit’s data storage solution to eliminate the need for tape, disk or hard drive storage and simply access information online as it is needed. It also means that data and sensitive information is not stored overnight at your own premises or home. Colleagues and staff can be given access as and when it is needed and no keyholder or secretary is required to take on compliance or security responsibilities.
Any small business or self employed person knows that storing the correct records and following compliance regulations on customer information is extremely important. However, if the business is run from home or an alternative setting such as an industrial premises that doubles as an office it can be extremely challenging when trying to find funds for new computer systems, the correct security precautions and sometimes the correct staff training. Combining virtual office space, occasional meeting room usage, a great telephone answering service and data storage is a fantastic way of solving all of these issues.

As with a running a virtual office in London, a few clicks and twenty minutes at the end of each day is all that is required as Depositit securely stores your information and encrypts them for added security. All information stored is fully compliant with FSA regulations, is registered with the data protection registrar and all stored information is held within the UK. Accessing stored data or uploading new information is quick and easy with a secure login and password. Keeping login details limited to those colleagues who need to access information is easy, and both can be easily given to a solicitor or executor for storage in case of any changes within the business.

Many business people who use virtual office space benefit from online data storage too, because it is another space saving solution. Working from home can present real problems, and buying large or expensive communication and computer equipment isn’t always an option. Creating a call centre, meeting room or archive and computer access room for a small business is often impossible due to expense and staffing issues. Often using virtual office and storage space that is charged as a monthly expense is much more practical and more cost effective than renting office space, particularly in expensive areas like London.