Avoiding employment costs for small businesses

For anyone running a small business taking the first step towards becoming an employer is an exciting time. It usually indicates that the business is prosperous and that a single person simply can’t cope with the workload on their own anymore. Messagemail ( offers a telephone answering service which could solve the problem and help to drastically reduce costs and avoid many of the pitfalls of employing staff.

Finding that business is interrupted or hindered by constant phonecalls, waiting in for the post to arrive and peoples reluctance to leave messages on your automated message taking service are just some of the frustrating issues that can make sole traders and self employed people feel that it is essential to take on an assistant.  Most first staff have simple receptionist roles such as relaying messages, fielding cold callers, typing up standard letters and opening and sorting the post from the junkmail. Of course successful businesses go on to take on accounts clerks, sales assistants and warehouse or other staff, however many cannot afford to expand after being crippled by the employment costs incurred.  

When any business is about to take on staff for the first time, research into employment law can expose some insurmountable problems. Legal, insurance and health and safety rules can stand in the way of most small businesses growing. Imagine taking on one person part time and having to relocate your home office to rented business premises in order to comply with health and safety requirements. Paying expensive rent is just one issue, consider the expense of employers liability insurance amongst other insurance policies needed. Paying for new computers or workstations, office furniture, heating and lighting can be costly and can cost you far more than wages.  Registering your new employer status with tax and HMRC officials can be daunting, and take up valuable working time.

Using a message taking service is a great way to avoid all of the costs and diffiiculties of becoming an employer. It also help on a personal level too. In the current economic climate there are more people than ever looking for work, however finding someone with the right skills for your position, i.e. someone with the correct experience, who is also likeable and understands your business without extensive training can be very hard. Thinking about how to word an advertisement or employment contract can be very difficult, and ending up with an inappropriate employee who isn’t what you hoped for can provide problems in the future. Whoever is taken on will be entitled to paid holidays, unannounced sick days and possible maternity or paternity leave.

Messagemails call handling service and mailing addresses are the ideal solution for any small business, and can ease the burden for a busy professional, putting off or even removing the need for staff and office premises with all their associated costs.