When could you use virtual office services?

Messagemail has many long-term clients who rely on the company's virtual office services on a permanent basis, often because they find it a cheaper option than hiring a full-time receptionist or renting a central London office space for meetings. However, there are also lots of people who use Messagemail only as and when its services are required. Here are some of the most common times companies need to use Messagemail's services on an ad-hoc basis.

1. An office move

Moving office can be chaotic, but companies need to be swan-like: calm and business-as-usual on the surface to their clients while paddling like mad under the surface! Using the telephone answering service from Messagemail means that even the smallest companies can have all hands on deck helping expedite the office move while ensuring no client calls are missed.

2. Training days

Training days or courses are a time when all the attention is on the employees, but what about the receptionist left behind to field the client calls? Every person within the organisation can attend important training events together when Messagemail is providing its call handling service. It can also provide a meeting room in London for training days which is centrally located and yet cost-effective.

3. Sales or recruitment drives

If a company is having a sales or recruitment drive, the call volume will often increase dramatically. Being able to hire Messagemail's message taking service means that no potential sales call or candidate application is missed.

4. Staff absence

Every company has to deal with staff absence, but when the receptionist and the person who covers for them are both out of the office, the important front-office function can suffer. Firms can arrange for Messagemail's phone answering service at short notice to cover any staff absence.

5. Important client win

Sometimes a company has to go over and above in order to impress a client, perhaps when they are trying to secure an important client 'win' such as a project. That's when Messagemail's services can be of use, such as hiring a meeting room in London to hold one-off presentations.