Top five ways messagemail can help your business

Messagemail is the market-leading virtual office, reception and switchboard services company, helping businesses around the UK run their business in the most flexible, professional and streamlined way. There's a whole host of reasons why Messagemail has become the number one choice for so many companies ‼ here are the top five ways they can help your business.

1. Save your business money

Saving money has never been so important given the tough global economic climate. Businesses need to be watching their bottom line more than ever before. The virtual office services from Messagemail allow companies to function cost-effectively and grow without having to spend more. There's no need to move into larger offices with Messagemail's virtual office space service and no need to hire a full-time receptionist thanks to their telephone answering service.

2. Present a professional image

In business, and in life in general, first impressions count. Conveying a professional image from the outset is vital and can be relied upon with Messagemail's phone answering service. The Messagemail team will answer promptly and politely with your company name, with no way of the caller knowing that the receptionist is not a full-time fixture in the office. Further professionalism is achieved with the mailing addresses and meeting room in London services.

3. Make virtual a reality

The benefits of virtual services are clear (low cost, flexibility, perfect for smaller companies, etc.) but there is a misconception that these benefits can't be easily achieved without clients realising the company is using a virtual service provider. Not so, with Messagemail. They are experts in making virtual a reality. From knowing the basics about your company to having access to the calendars of key personnel, the Messagemail team simply seem like an extension of your own valued in-house team.

4. Aid continuity

The ongoing needs of a business change. Over the long-term, you may have a changing call volume, sometimes needing more than one receptionist, sometimes only needing one part-time, and in the short-term you may experience telephony failure and need help handling calls fast ‼‼ this is where Messagemail's flexible call handling service is ideal.

5. Establish a London based presence

Companies across the UK are able to have a low-cost presence in London no matter where they're based thanks to the mailing address and meeting room in London service. They can seem like a larger company than they actually are, they can have a more desirable mailing address than their actual one and they can meet clients in a professional setting in central London ‼ all without moving so much as a manila folder.

Why not take advantage of the Messagemail free trial to see for yourself why they have become the leading virtual reception and switchboard service firm out there. Find out details at