Flexible switchboard support for a busy front desk

Does your business have a busy front desk? Does your receptionist have to juggle a steady stream of visitors, clients and suppliers while manning multiple phone lines? What happens when the call or visitor volume gets too overwhelming? It's not only your hassled receptionist that suffers, but potentially your clients too. The answer is the flexible switchboard support offered by virtual office services firm Messagemail.

A company which has a busy front desk will of course have a full-time receptionist, but that doesn't mean there aren't times when the front desk is left unmanned and calls left unanswered. Whether because of staff absence or an unexpected increase in call or visitor volume, even the most professional of companies can find their customer service at the front desk compromised. The problem is, it is simply not cost effective to hire two receptionists just for the occasions when there is an overflow of telephone calls. That's why Messagemail has incorporated flexible switchboard support into its virtual office services, so that companies can 'switch on' and 'switch off' the additional reception assistance whenever needed.

For only £45.00 a month, businesses large and small can rely on a back-up call handling service which they can use whenever the need arises. They can benefit from a dedicated telephone line which is set up at Messagemail HQ. This line diverts from their own switchboard when required and the professional Messagemail team handle all calls as though they were in-house. Callers can then be transferred on speed dial to any number of mobile phones or direct lines. If there's no one there to answer the call, the caller can be transferred through to voicemail or a message taken and sent to the intended recipient by email or text message.

Just £45.00 per month is all it costs to have total peace of mind that all telephone calls will be answered no matter what the in-house challenges facing the company's busy front desk. Find out more at