messagemail: virtual office services ideal for SMEs

Messagemail provides virtual office services which are ideal for SMEs. Small- to medium-sized businesses may not have the need to hire a full-time receptionist or they may not have the budget to have a central London office address, but thanks to the virtual office services available from Messagemail, SMEs don't have to sacrifice professionalism.

No matter what your business is, there are some things that signal you are a professional set-up: a swift, polite and effective telephone answering service, a business-like mailing address and the access to well equipped meeting rooms and conferencing facilities, for instance. The reality is that not all SMEs have all of these in-house, either because the cost to have them all covered internally is prohibitive or that it is not a warranted cost. That's where Messagemail comes in: offering all of these services for a low monthly bill.

Messagemail's core service is arguably the most important for any business: its call handling service. In most cases, the receptionist of your company is the first person your potential clients will speak to, and often the person your existing clients speak to most regularly! A professional welcome and an efficient message taking service positions your company as one which takes care of its clients. Smaller businesses may be based from a home office or not have the budget to hire a full-time receptionist; medium-sized companies may need switchboard support either on a permanent or occasional basis. Messagemail's Virtual Assistants are ideal in these type of situations, representing SMEs not just in basic call handling, but also in having a basic knowledge of the company and the daily schedules of key employees, all for the fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist.

Messagemail's virtual office services don't stop there, however. Small businesses based from home offices or shared offices and SMEs with offices which have less desirable addresses can take advantage of a Messagemail mailing address in London, and SMEs without meeting room facilities can hire quality, affordable virtual office space for client meetings, presentations or company conferences.

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